Monday, July 30, 2018

BS Riders Weekly Rides Heads Up

Starting this week, the weekly ride will switch from Wednesdays to Thursdays.  This change gives folks with schedule conflicts on Wednesday a chance to ride on Thursdays.   Also, some places we visit are only open on Thursday.   We will still meet at Bak BMW at 4 PM with SSU at 4:05.  You can text me at 712-253-4650 if you are running a couple minutes late.   Weekly rides will end in late September or early October depending on the weather.  We have three different BBQ places I'm hoping to get to see in August and I hope you can join us.

We will have a fall campout at Viking State Park in Iowa (same place as last year, 40 miles south of Marne, IA).  The campout is being organized by Ryan Stille and friends.  We will probably need head count if you think you might come so we can arrange for enough spaces.  Right now the plan is for October 5-7.

Ada J's or Bud's Bar, Moorhead, IA
Dairy Sweet, Danbury, IA
Sfumato Pizza, Carnes, IA (Thur)
Lakeshore Pho or Smokin' Hereford BBQ, Storm Lake, IA
El Jimador's, Denison, IA
Norma Jean's, Panama, IA
Dairy Sweet, Woodbine, IA
Bob Drive In & Bunny Ice Cream, LeMars, IA
Divide Hill Roadhouse, Castana, IA

Loess Moose Bar and Grill, Missouri Valley, IA
Zimmy's, Ida Grove, IA
Grand Falls Casino & Restaurant, Larchwood, IA 
Jeronimo’s Cafe, Harlan, IA
Gasthaus Bar & Grill, Cherokee, IA
P’s Pizza House, Le Mars, IA
Dooskys East, Kingsley, IA
Hatchery Resturant & Lounge, Orange City, IA
Kathy’s Korner, Lake View, IA
Silk Road, Vermillion, SD

Jo Dean's, Muggsy's, or Back Roads BBQ (Thur), Yankton, SD
Waddy's, Hudson, SD
Sioux Valley Grill, Canton, SD (Lauries's Cafe breakfast & lunch only)
Toby's Lounge & Chicken, Meckling, SD
Spink Cafe, Spink, SD
Donna's Diner, Wynot, NE 
Knuckleheads, Laurel, NE
Bob’s Bar, Martinsburg, NE
Smokin Stan's BBQ, Norfolk, NE
Hideaway Grill, West Point, NE
Pop-N-Docs, Dacatur, NE
Popo’s Drive Inn, Wakefield, NE
Eunie’s Palace, Dixon, NE
Kelley's Fish & Seafood, Blair, NE
Lange's Cafe, Pipestone, MN (national pie registry)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Weekly Ride Today - July 25th

Once again, if the rain holds off, we have a ride today at 4PM at Bak BMW.  SSU at 4:05.  

There were over a dozen folks at the ride-in to Bob's last weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I got to ride with Jack (Sleddog) down to Onawa to see the start of Ragbrai afterwards.  Since Jack made the mistake of letting me lead without a GPS and because there was a new black top I picked out, it turned into an 85+ mile ride to to Onawa, but it was a great ride.  I finally made it to Pop-n-Docs in Decatur which was a lot of fun with a live band with real horns.  The club needs to make another ride down there because it's a neat place. 

Last Thursday, Sioux Falls, SD - July 26th -
European Bike Night, Lincoln Hay Market - August 1st -
GLMC Potluck - July 27-29, Paynesville, MN -
Husker Rally - Aug 10-12, Franklin, NE  -
Omaha Euro Bike Night in Benson - Aug 15th, Omaha, NE -
Beartooth Rendezvous - Aug 16-19, Red Lodge, MT -
Baxter Motorcycle Rally & Open House, Aug 17-19, Marne, IA -
Last Thursday, Sioux Falls, SD - August 30th -
GLMC Buffalo Road Rally, Sept 2, North Branch, MN -
European Bike Night, Lincoln Hay Market - September 5th -
Omaha Euro Bike Night in Benson - Aug 15th, Omaha, NE -
Wisconsin Dells Rally, Sept 7-9, Wisconsin Dells, WI -
Omaha Euro Bike Night in Benson - Sept 19th, Omaha, NE - 
BS Rider/Autobahn Fall Campout - Viking State Park, IA - Oct 5-6 (tentative).
Potosi Rally - Oct 11-14, Potosi, MO -
Omaha Euro Bike Night in Benson - Oct 17th, Omaha, NE -

Make sure you email me any interesting photos you have taken so I can include them in emailing.