Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy New Year to ALL
I finally figured out how to post on this blog.  Thanks Brion for the help and getting this set up.
I am given to understand that the new year is a time for resolutions.  So I might be able to make a few myself.
First and foremost to ride safely this year so I can make the same one next year.
Second, to ride more, to enjoy the trip and not focus on the destination. To take the time to smell the roses along the way.
Third, as I stated at the Christmas Party, try to get as many events posted on a calendar so all can see the upcoming events.
To that end, please remember that we have breakfast, Saturday Mornings at the Garden Cafe, in Sioux City, starting about 8am.Now the location may change but the date won't.  Lastly, we meet at Bak BMW the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Right now because of weather its more fellowship, but as the weather improves, we ride. I will be working on an events calendar this winter, I hope to have it up by March.
Fourth, and lastly, I would like to invite all to join me in as many events as your time will allow.  That is something I am looking forward to doing.  I hope to see you all down the road.  But two things to remember the "Old Sarge" is getting older and his memory was left on a flightline many years ago, along with his hearing.  So say hi and speak up.... My Best To All

the "Old Sarge"
Terry Hughes,
President, Big Sioux Riders

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wednesday Night Ride/Get Together Jan. 8th 2014

The bi-monthly BSR Wednesday Night Ride/Get Together on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month continues.  This ride is hosted by the Bak Family and it starts and ends at Bak BMW Victory KTM.  The Baks usually put together and prepare a meal which they pass a hat to pay for.  When the weather is not conducive to riding, there will have an activity at the shop.  The ride (get together) starts at 6 PM (closing time at the shop so they can participate).

Since it "might" be a little "chili" to ride this Wednesday (January 8th), Katie is making "chili" for anyone who wants come down and try it.  Dave is going to previewing a new BMW DVD.