Friday, February 28, 2014

It's almost March, time to wake up the iron

Well it is almost March on the calendar, but the weather reminds us that winter is still here.  I just returned from a tour of the south, Florida and Texas. We had "Chamber of Commerce", weather everywhere we went.  Even got caught in a thunderstorm during rush hour in Houston, Texas.  No, not on a bike.  Stopped in many bike shops along the way, and saw many of the new models ready to ride.  So, naturally came home to freezing temps and that four letter word, S-N-O-W.
The events calendar is starting to get filled in and I know everybody is jones'n to ride.  Time to rack and stack the events for the year.
I do want to mention a few things that are ongoing regardless of the season, just some light housekeeping.

On Saturdays we meet for breakfast at the Garden Cafe in Sioux City, at 8 am.
We are still meeting on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month, at Bak BMW.  We had a good turn out this last Wednesday.  When the weather clears up it will be a ride night, until then we stayed warn, ate hot dogs and talked bikes, rides and other things.  Please plan on attending.
Our regular meeting is on the third Tuesday of the month.  The March meeting is planned for March 18th at 6pm.  We will meet at the House of Q, so get there early if you want to eat some good BBQ!

Other events:

April 1 to September 30 starts the GLMC grand tour event, more information is on their Web Site
April 6 we will meet at the Crittenton Center, a pizza and bike party for the kids.
April 25-26 is the Blitz to Branson
May 10-11 is the 11th Annual Big Sioux Riders Mothers Day Dam Camp Out

There are many other events coming up, and I will try to get them published on this blog site in the near future as soon as I learn how to use the calendar.

Finally, our best wishes for a speedy recovery to our esteemed Treasurer, Steve Martin.  Steve says he feels like he lives the life of a house cat, still mostly at home in his bubble. We know that its for the best right now. Steve also reminds us to "Ride hard and be sure to get lost, that's the best part". With advise like that, I think he wants the Big Johnson Award all to himself, not shared with yours truly......

My Best To All....

The "Old Sarge"