Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The 2013 BSR Christmas Party Is Today - Tuesday, December 17th!!

The 2013 BSR Christmas Party Is Today - Tuesday, December 17th!!  

We have had some cancellations, but have plenty of great food coming.  If you did not RSVP it will not be a problem so please come and join us.  New members and friends are welcome!!

The party location is the Historic Pierce St. Mansion at 2901 Jackson Street (two blocks east of Pierce St.) in Sioux City.  The Big Sioux Rider’s Christmas dinner is free to paid members - $15/person for others.  Annual membership is $20 for individual, or $25 for a family.  Family members may bring an additional guest (paid).  Steve Martin will be collecting member dues for 2014 at the party when you arrive.

This year the entrees will be prepared by Trattoria Fresco (www.trattoriafresco.biz), a local Italian restaurant in Sioux City.  The entree dishes are Lasagna, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Pollo Vesuvio (chicken).  You don’t need to specify which dish when your RSVP, you can try them all.  We are requesting everyone to bring a snack food, desert or a side dish.  You will also need to bring your own beverage(s).  We will have plates, flatware, cups and coffee available.

We will have the traditional Big Sioux Riders gift exchange so bring a gift costing between $10 and $20.  The gifts do not have to be motorcycle related.  Bring something fun, useful, or re-gift a stinker.

After dinner the club will vote on the Big Johnson Award and elect 2014 officers.  Nominations for officers are currently: Terry Hughes for President and Steve Martin for Treasurer, all other positions are open.  If you want to run for office or submit someone, please drop me an email.  Nominees have to be living persons and willing to join the club  The group is pretty willing to support you if you want to run for a club position for a year.

We are also looking for 2013 Big Johnson Award nominations still.  We don’t have any current favorites (besides Terry Hughes), so there is still time to get your nomination in.  Nominate for your favorite rider or spouse by sending your nominations to Jim Johnson (jimj@urban-inc.net) and last year's winner Dan Watson (skippy.223@hotmail.com).  Please include a short or long explanation about why you think your nominee should win.  Non-members from the local/regional motorcycle community can also be nominated.

5:30 PM - 6 PM - Doors open at the Mansion.
6:00 PM - Social Half Hour - Greetings - Collecting 2014 Dues - Year end mileage collection
6:30 PM - Meal served, bring a desert or side item or snack.
7:15 PM - Reading of the Big Johnson Award nominations and voting.
7:20 PM - 2014 Officer's Elections
7:25 PM - Door Prize Drawing
7:30 PM - Gift Exchange Begins