Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 Big Johnson Award Nominations Rolling In

The riding year is past half over and we already have two Big Johnson Award nominations. The Big Johnson is the annual Big Sioux Rider club award for the a club member or rider who has the biggest faux pas or crazy motorcycle related experience during the year, hopefully one in which no one was permanently injured.

1.  Jim Johnson (award namesake) for forcing all his riding buddies to listen to Helen Reddy songs at 130db at every traffic stop between I-35E and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds in St. Paul.  Some believe it was some kind of ritualized punishment of his friends who had working BMWs for the past 6 weeks (vs. Jim and his shinny new 2014 R1200RT which had reverted back to garage queen status for several weeks prior to the rally).

2.  South Sioux City Sue, whom after living in Sioux City for years and years, had to ask for directions to Miles for Stan Stille's moving away party.  The shame of living a sheltered life... "she" claimed.  Meanwhile, nearly every 6 year old in town can tell you its the place they make Charlie Boy sandwiches which is just up the street from the famous Tire Man.

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