Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lunch with the Kids at Crittenton Center Youth Shelter

Its been almost a year since the Big Sioux Riders last ride-in to the Crittenton Center Youth Shelter.  Sunday, April 6th the group is scheduled deliver and serve pizza to the kids, and talk to them about motorcycles and motorcycle travel.  The time will be 12 noon.  The staff is estimating they will have between 17 and 25 kids.  You're welcome to bring any motorcycle stuff that would interest them.  The idea is just to get them talking about motorcycles and to get their minds off more troubling things for an hour or two.  It has turned out to be a pretty good time for everyone during past visits.

We decided last year to give the staff a break and not bring soda with both sugar and caffeine in them anymore.  The staff has suggested bringing Sprite, Fanta, root beer and other non-caffeinated beverages.  The pizza and soda will be served from the pavilion building in the front lawn area.  We pay for the pizza and soda with money from our club treasury.

The address is 3901 Green Avenue, Sioux City, IA. Directions: take the Martha street exit near the Gordon Drive HyVee and head north, after you go around the 90 degree corner near HyVee, the street name changes to Green Ave.  The Center is just past the church on the north side of the street.  

Also, please consider the following during your travels this summer - its something we have discussed at a few of the club meetings regarding the next Pizza Party.  I spoke to one of the staff members at the Center and she liked the idea and said it would be fine.  If you already have a lot of motorcycle event t-shirts in the closet and don't need anymore, pick an appropriate small, medium or kid sized t-shirt at different events.  If everyone could pick up 2 or 3 t-shirts, we would have enough to hand one out to each kid at the next Pizza party.  Getting a cool motorcycle t-shirt will be a big deal to the kids.  Plus knowing how many places some of you visit every year (self included), you can't wear them all anyways :)

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  1. We served 17 kids and the staff lunch Sunday the Crittenden Center. The weather was good, everything went smoothly, and the kids seemed to really appreciate it. We may have even created a future motorcyclist or two. Thanks everyone who helped out. Remember to look for event t-shirts this summer which we can hand out next spring. If everyone could find a couple of them, we would have more then enough to go around. Sizes S, M, and L will probably work. We are also thinking about adding a bean-bag-toss lawn game next time around.