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BS Rider Weekly Events and Schedule - Sept 6th

We are still doing Thursday rides and it's nearly Thursday.  The weather this week looks pretty promising so there will be a ride.  Meet at Bak BMW at 4:00 PM Thursday.  If your gong to be there, text me at 712-253-4650 or email me at

Last Thursday's ride was to Sioux Falls for Last Thursday Bike Night.  The weather didn't look like much, but cooperated and we only caught a few drops of rain as Mark and I meandered up the back roads to Sioux Falls.  Dale Nordlie, Will Nordlie, Romy, Gary Johnson, Scott Vandonslear, Mark Hartzell and I had a nice meal at Marlins on Minnesota Ave,, the host of the Last Thursday Bike Night meet up.  I also got to visit with Loyd Lundie, Chad and Heidi GIllen, Chad's brother Jeff, and others.

Last weekend I camped at the Woodbury Southwood Conservation Park next to Smithland.  Jack Backer and his with Marleen joined me.  The weather was hot and sticky.  As we pulled into the park about noon Saturday, we ran into Jim Hawthorne and his grandsons who had just finished fishing at the Park.  One of Jim's Grandson loaned me a fishing pole.  Saturday afternoon, friend and fellow GS rider Eric Marin for Nebraska City visited us for a few hours.  Eric recently finished visiting each county courthouse in Nebraska, and Jack and Marleen just finished visiting all of the courthouses in South Dakota so they compared notes.  We spent a couple hours Saturday evening trying to catch some fish for dinner, with no luck.  Jack cooked up some ribs he brought instead.  Saturday evening we had some rain, and then again on Sunday afternoon and evening.  The park there is pretty nice and the park rangers each took a close look at our Bunkhouse and Aspen motorcycle camper trailers, they had never seen them setup before. The rain stopped Monday morning so we cooked a final breakfast and then headed home.  Few things in life beat sleeping in tent camper during a nice rain.  It was a nice, relaxing weekend.

Labor Day weekend Jim Johnson rode up the Buffalo Rally which was in North Branch, about 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities.  Jim appeared to have a good ride and finished well in the rally.  I'm still waiting to hear more details about the his ride.

Tom Fountoulakis reported last Saturday that Marc Ladue is not doing well.  If you can, give Marsha and Marc a call and see if you can visit him.  Please keep Marc and Marsha in your thoughts and prayers.

On Friday, September 14th, the Motorcycle Cannonball ride will be stopping in Spirit Lake Iowa.  We will be having a group ride up to see the riders and bikes.  This is a rally which crosses the country every year on bikes built before 1929.  On Saturday the bikes and riders will be heading to Pierre, SD.

Gary Johnson is trying to trim his bike herd down a bit.  He has an '07 1200 Guzzi Breva with just under 14,000 miles for sale.  He purchased a Triumph this spring and hasn't been able to ride it enough.  Gary says it's for sale for one easy $3600 payment ("or maybe less").  It's a nice machine so if you know anyone looking for a lower touring ride this might be the bike for them.  Contact him at  There are a couple photos of it below.  Also, Dan Lederman ( has an old airhead and sidecar for sale (Donna Galati's old rig), it's parked near Lederman Bonds downtown.

Fall Campout.  Our location in Viking State Park is not going to work.  I am going to check out Willow Lake Recreation Area between Pisgha and Woodbine, IA.  It appears to be a nice park with cabins and full facilities.   I'll post something next week.  The date of the Fall Campout will be Oct 5-7.


Weekly Ride Destinations.  
Email me any interesting photos you have taken so I can include them in the group emailing. 
Ada J's or Bud's Bar, Moorhead, IA

Dairy Sweet, Danbury, IA
Sfumato Pizza, Carnes, IA (Thur)
Lakeshore Pho or Smokin' Hereford BBQ, Storm Lake, IA

El Jimador's, Denison, IA
Norma Jean's, Panama, IA
Dairy Sweet, Woodbine, IA

Bob Drive In & Bunny Ice Cream, LeMars, IA
Divide Hill Roadhouse, Castana, IA
Loess Moose Bar and Grill, Missouri Valley, IA
Zimmy's, Ida Grove, IA
Grand Falls Casino and Restaurant, Larchwood, IA
Jeronimo’s Cafe, Harlan, IA
Gasthaus Bar & Grill, Cherokee, IA
P’s Pizza House, Le Mars, IA

Dooskys East, Kingsley, IA
Hatchery Restaurant and Lounge, Orange City, IA
Kathy’s Korner, Lake View, IA

Silk Road, Vermillion, SD
Jo Dean's, Muggsy's, or Back Roads BBQ (Thur), Yankton, SD
Waddy's, Hudson, SD
Sioux Valley Grill, Canton, SD (Lauries's Cafe breakfast and lunch only)
Toby's Lounge And Chicken, Meckling, SD
Spink Cafe, Spink, SD
Donna's Diner, Wynot, NE
Knuckleheads, Laurel, NE
Bob’s Bar, Martinsburg, NE

Smokin Stan's BBQ, Norfolk, NE
Hideaway Grill, West Point, NE
Pop-N-Docs, Dacatur, NE
Popo’s Drive Inn, Wakefield, NE
Eunie’s Palace, Dixon, NE
Kelley's Fish and Seafood, Blair, NE
Lange's Cafe, Pipestone, MN (national pie registry)

1 - Gary Johnson welcome us to Last Thursday Bike Night
2 - Chinese Chang Jiang, a BMW clone from the '60s.
3 - For Sale Guzzi Breva
4 - For Sale Guzzi Breva





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