Wednesday, May 2, 2018

BSR Update - Ride Today @ 4

If it's not raining this afternoon, the weekly ride will be at 4 today.  Meet at Bak BMW.

Spring has finally sprung and the Spring Campout is now just ten short days away.  BBQ ribs, muffins and coleslaw are on the menu for Friday evening.  Campfire beans, brats and chips for Saturday night.  If someone wants to help with desert one evening let me know, we are still hammering those details out.  We are looking at a 150-200 mile ride on Saturday for those interested.  We quit hosting the flashlight contest a couple years ago after Doug gave us some concerns that the club might be added to a Homeland Security watch list and he was named the winner for all-time.  Since many of you don't drink or almost all of you don't smoke cigars, we are looking for ideas on what to do in the evenings around the campfire.  Please send me some ideas.   If you are thinking you will be coming to the campout, give me a heads up this week or next so I can keep a running head count for food.  Details are here:

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