Tuesday, March 27, 2018

March 27th Update Email

Well like a lot of you, I have been pretty busy and missed calling for the March meeting.  The 2018 weather thus far has sucked so most of you are depressed, so it's probably best we don't hang out and depress each other until we can ride.  Moving on to brighter things...

Weekly Rides
Weekly rides start April 4th and will continue through September 27th.   We will meet every Wednesday at Bak BMW at 4 PM and ride from there.  Tell your boss, secretary, spouse or who ever it is you tell such things too, that you are required to attend aroma therapy, lamaze classes, or golf league on Wednesday afternoons - whatever works to get you out and riding.  We will all cover for you!  For April, if it reaches sixty degrees during the day and it's not raining, plan on riding.  Whoever shows up can determine the destination.  As we did last year, we will switch to from Wednesdays to Thursday starting in August, so those poor souls who have already locked themselves intoWednesday meetings or work schedules can still ride later in the year.

Below is a list of possible weekly ride destinations.  Send me any more places you want to add to the list.
  • Ada J's or Bud's Bar, Moorhead, IA
  • Dairy Sweet, Danbury, IA
  • Sfumato Pizza, Carnes, IA (Thur)
  • Smokin' Hereford BBQ, Storm Lake, IA
  • El Jimador's, Denison, IA
  • Norma Jean's, Panama, IA
  • Dairy Sweet, Woodbine, IA
  • Bob Drive In & Bunny Ice Cream, LeMars, IA
  • Divide Hill Roadhouse, Castana, IA
  • Loess Moose Bar and Grill, Missouri Valley, IA
  • Zimmy's, Ida Grove, IA
  • Grand Falls Casino & Restaurant, Larchwood, IA 
  • Jeronimo’s Cafe, Harlan, IA
  • Silk Road, Vermillion, SD
  • Jo Dean's, Muggsy's, or Back Roads BBQ (Thur), Yankton, SD
  • Waddy's, Hudson, SD
  • Sioux Valley Grill, Canton, SD (Lauries's Cafe breakfast & lunch only)
  • Toby's Lounge & Chicken, Meckling, SD
  • Donna's Diner, Wynot, NE 
  • Knuckleheads, Laurel, NE
  • Bob’s Bar, Martinsburg, NE
  • Smokin Stan's BBQ, Norfolk, NE
  • Hideaway Grill, West Point, NE
  • Pop-N-Docs, Dacatur, NE
  • Popo’s Drive Inn, Wakefield, NE
  • Eunie’s Palace, Dixon, NE
  • Main Street BBQ & Grill, or Kelley's Fish & Seafood, Blair, NE
Spring Campout
The Spring Campout is on May 11-13.  You are welcome to just hang out for a few hours, camp, or do whatever you want.  Read about here: http://bigsiouxriders.blogspot.com/2018/03/15th-annual-big-sioux-rider-spring.html. There is a link to a flyer to print for your friends: http://www.bigsiouxriders.org/15th_Annual_Big_Sioux_Riders_Spring_Campout.pdf

Crittenton Pizza Party for the Kids
We are looking at Sunday, April 29th at 12:30 PM as the tentative date for the ride-in for the kids at the Crittenton Shelter here in Sioux City.  We take pizza and drinks to the kids.  It ussually takes about an hour and half.  It's good to hang out with the kids for a little while, eat pizza, and talk them about motorcycles and traveling.  Is also good for your karma. 

Some Other Rides
Last Thursday - Sioux Falls - Last Thursday of Month:

Euro Motorcycle Night Omaha Benson Area - Third Wednesday of Month:

European Bike Ride-in: Haymarket, Lincoln - First Wednesday of Month:

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