Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shonley Campout for BSR Members July 9-11

Campout/Ride at the Shonley's in the Black Hills July 9th - July 11. The location is exactly 5.1 miles West of Sturgis, SD exit 30. We are planning on you arriving late on Friday evening. We have good lights so you won't be completely in the dark when you setup your tent. You will be able to park your bike inside if you want to. We also have an indoor area for eating and conversation in case of in-climate weather. Plan now is to have breakfast at the Chat & Chew at 7am and start the rides at 8am. Meet back at the house around 5pm. We will have an evening meal and conversation into the night. Sunday mornings we go to Church. You are welcome to go with us. Make sure your bike is in good running order with fresh tires. The roads are very good, well marked, and usually very clean. This will probably encourage you to use more of the edges of your tires, so you want good ones. If people are interested I can setup an adventure run or two. For those with GSs we can do some gravel etc. Just let me know what you want to see. We would like to know if you are coming by June 1st so we can do some planning (Let Brion know and he can tell us). See you on the road.
Douglas Shonley (605)347-5006

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